Company Socci, a small wine-making enterprise in the heart of the Marche region in Castelplanio.

A variety of forty nestled on the hillside of Mount Desert, 350 meters above sea level.

The willingness of a family to carry on the tradition that is inevitably linked to innovation.

The all driven by a passion for the world of wine and what surrounds it.


The intention is to interpret the Verdicchio grape variety in the way of their maturation and potentially pick it up when the flavors of the wine are expressed with notes of yellow flowers softened by a sweet sensation of mint and balsamic nuances of chlorophyll ...
But to grasp quickly before an austere citrus imposes the nobility of the vine immersed in our terrior.


The label of Martina came to life from a photo taken in our vineyard: The trunk resembles a picture of a woman, to make it more visible the trunk has been reworked by Fabio Petrini, while leaving the original foliage.

Trivia: Marika was born on a plateau 350 meters above sea level, able to convey the light of the sun the whole day on a vineyard consolidated than 35 years, producing ripe grapes mandated to represent the nobility of a variety of quality as the prodigal Verdicchio. A fine cold technology enhances everything that nature gives us every harvest, with the simplicity of bizarre and magical seasons.


The label of Marika portrays the landscape that can be seen from our vineyard: we see colored hills from the different crops to get to the view of the sea. The label was prepared by a Sicilian painter, that's how Tony Child has interpreted our hills.

Trivia: historic wine cellar Socci.
The name Desert draws heavily on the place of origin of the wine: Monte Desert is the hill on which lies our Vineyard. That flower that looks like a daisy is instead a typical flower of the desert.



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