Company Socci, a small wine-making enterprise in the heart of the Marche region in Castelplanio.

A variety of forty nestled on the hillside of Mount Desert, 350 meters above sea level.

The willingness of a family to carry on the tradition that is inevitably linked to innovation.

The all driven by a passion for the world of wine and what surrounds it.

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Initial selection of our best grapes.   
For this wine, grape bunches nearest to the vineshoot are chosen for their sugar content, which is 25% higher than in other grapes.


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It 'a wine made with cold maceration or cold maceration. Thanks to this technique, which involves freezing the cluster before pressing, we get the maximum primary aromas and flavors of the wine.

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Verdicchio leaving the must obtained previously cooled to within twenty-four hours in contact with the skins "pigiodiraspate." A Verdicchio soft, pleasant, surprisingly fragrant, thanks to the cold that neither exalt even more fruity.


The farm Socci was founded in 1993 thanks to Umberto Socci's passion for the cultivation of  this plant. 

Our small farm is located within the municipality of Castelplanio, 350 above sea level. Our farm is a family-run business so all production and processing activities are managed by the owner.  
At the beginning we produced about 8000 kilos of grapes that we used to sell.  
Later we decided to start making wine.  
We used the traditional amphora-shaped bottle which is typical of “Verdicchio” and characterised it worldwide but then there were several changes that led us to diversify the types of bottles used to characterise different types of wines.
We believe that “wine is made in the vineyard” that's why our vineyard is the symbol of this noble idea. more...



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