Company Socci, a small wine-making enterprise in the heart of the Marche region in Castelplanio.

A variety of forty nestled on the hillside of Mount Desert, 350 meters above sea level.

The willingness of a family to carry on the tradition that is inevitably linked to innovation.

The all driven by a passion for the world of wine and what surrounds it.

Glass stopper


A special characteristic of our wines is that they are bottled with the use of glass stoppers; this is an innovative technique which allows bottles to be easily opened and closed with a simple touch and thus prevent wine spoilage. 

Oxygen exchange is much slower than with traditional cork or silicone stoppers and wine is therefore better preserved.

The stopper is made of  extra-white, pure glass with no added lead and does not at all affect the taste of wines, which remain exactly the same as when they are bottled without interfering with the ageing process. 

The bottle is elegant and original.  Not only are our stoppers technically perfect  but they are also a distinguishing feature of our small, yet high-quality, winery.  At present, only 700 wine-producers use glass stoppers, which are simple, ecological, original and elegant. A special, quality feature for a selected clientele.


Glass stopper

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